Acupuncture is a primary health care modality that has flourished in China for at least
    5,000 years and is used widely throughout Asia and Europe. It is considered as one of
    the newest primary health care provisions in this country. Acupuncture has grown as
    both western and oriental physicians, medical researchers, and the public experience it,
    integrate it in their health care, and spread its benefits.
    Far more than a technique of inserting tiny threadlike needles along meridian lines of the
    body, acupuncture's complex system of diagnostic corollaries takes into consideration the
    person as a whole and not just isolated symptoms. Acupuncture is practiced based on
    discerning the "pattern of disharmony" and treating accordingly. Modern acupuncture utilizes
    other modalities as well, such as herbal medicine, moxibustion, exercise and nutrition.
    Acupuncture treatment strengthens physical condition, prevents disease, controls pain, and
    achieves longevity. The aim as practiced in oriental medicine in general is not necessarily to
    eliminate or alleviate symptoms. The objective is to increase both the ability to function and
    the quality of life.

                                                         Special Treatments in Our Clinic :

             •    Alzheimer Prevention
            •    Asthma
            •    Anemia
            •    ADHD
            •    Acne
            •    Atopic dermatitis
            •    Allergic dermatitis
            •    Acute & chronic sprain of the back
            •    Ankle & wrist sprains
            •    Arthritis
            •    Body aching syndrome
            •    Chronic Cholecyslitis
            •    Cholelithiasis
            •    Chronic Constipation
            •    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
            •    Climancteric Syndrome (Hot Flashes)
            •    Cold hands & feet
            •    Chronic Tonsillitis
            •    Duodenitis
            •    Distortion of the face
            •    Depressive Syndrome
            •    Depression
            •    Drug Addiction
            •    Dysmenorrhea (Menstrual Pain)
            •    Edema
            •    Forticollis Syndromes (Stiff Neck)
            •    Gastritis
            •    Gastroduodenal Ulcers
            •    Gastroptosis

•    Hyperkinetic Syndrome of children (ADD)
•    Headaches
•    Herpes Simplex
•    Herpes Zoster
•    Hip Gout
•    Insomnia
•    Jaundice
•    Low Immune System
•    Leukorrhagia
•    Lumber Intervertebral Disc Protrusion
•    Menoxenia (Menstruation Issues)
•    Numbness of hands & Fingers
•    Obesity
•    Prevention of Apoplexy (Stroke)
•    Periodontitis
•    Purpura
•    Sequelae of Apoplexy (Post Stroke Symptoms)
•    Seizures
•    Sweat gland disorder
•    Stop smoking treatment
•    Symptoms of Chemo Therapy
•    Sinusitis
•    Shoulder Periarthritis (Frozen Shoulder)
•    Trigeminal Neuralgia
•    Tinnitus
•    Tenosynovitis
•    Uterine Prolapse
•    Ulcerative Pimple
•    AND MANY MORE¡­¡­¡­¡­

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