Activated Air Therapy System

Our bodies are made up of billions of cells that are powered by energy
          producing mitochondria that are fueled by the oxygen that we breathe
          making us more active and healthier. As we age our bodies build up
          free radicals, which are a natural bi-product of cellular respiration that
          than slow the fueling process of which can cause many diseases and

          Activated air therapy mimics a natural process that triggers our cells
          to rejuvenate themselves that optimizes your body's production of
          energy while improving your performance and health.

          As an alternative therapy and combined with acupuncture it can help
          to heal your body faster and gives you the energy you need that was
          lacking before.

          It is very easy to use, just sit back, relax and breathe naturally through
          a nasal cannula for a set amount of time.

                What can be expected over time :
          •    Improving  your overall health and the quality of your life
          •    Shorten your recovery time
          •    Reducing  the damage from free radicals
          •    Better able to get nutrition from food
          •    Slow age related illnesses and disorders
          •    Improving  your concentration and focus
          •    Ups your cellular regeneration

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